About Us

Panoinfo Consulting Limited is a certified ACCPAC ERP end-to-end Business System solution provider in Taiwan. Previously, we used to be part of KPMG ACCPAC software consultancy team. We left and found Panoinfo Consulting together. Our consultants are certified by ACCPAC, and have been operating the ACCPAC consulting business in Taiwan for the past eight years. 

Panoinfo Consulting has successfully implemented, provides sales and consulting services to over thirty clients in Taiwan. At Panoinfo Consulting, we offer you a fully integrated business and computer ERP system solution which is tailored to your business' needs. We do this through careful planning, delivering, supporting and training your staff on ACCPAC business solution that has been specifically developed for business of all sizes.

Our expertise is to find the right products and technology for your requirements, implement and manage the solution on time and on budget and provide timely support - all with our commitment to quality and value. 

Whether your business needs a complete end-to-end software ERP solution or a specific application, such as customer relationship management (CRM), Panoinfo Consulting can deliver the best results for your business. Helping your company to leverage technology to compete, grow and succeed is our business.


Our mission is simple and straightforward:

  • Purpose - To provide fast, reliable technical assistance to local or overseas business/small or medium offices. We strive for good solutions & results! 
  • Vision - By providing fast response, informed expertise, and consistently high quality solutions, we have generated enough satisfied repeat customers to provide a stable customer base. 
  • Mission – Our long term objective is to work closely with our clients for them to grow into a stable and profitable operation