Service Overview

We provide services that are focused on the installation and on-going support of your business system. The services we specialize in include:


Needs analysis

Our years of experience in implementing and supporting successful installations ensure that your requirements are addressed from a functional as well as a business perspective.

Custom Programming

If you have any special requirements that don't seem to be handled by the standard ACCPAC solutions, our certified consultants can work with you to modify your system to meet your business needs.


Custom Macro Services

We can create ACCPAC macros to help automate your ACCPAC system. These are particularly useful for performing periodic processing procedures or daily procedures such as backing up and running a Day End. ACCPAC reports that are regularly run can also be customized with a macro, so that the selection criteria for the report are automatically inserted every time you run the report. For more information on how a macro can make your ACCPAC system more efficient, simply contact us to discuss the viability of a macro within your system.


Custom Financial Report Writing

We can customize your financial statements and reports for your business as well as Ad hoc reports for real-time data analysis.

Implementation and Consulting Services

Our Implementation and Consulting services are designed to help our clients achieve successful live operation of ACCPAC software as quickly and efficiently as possible while maximizing the benefits for the client. 

Project management

With years of experience in project management, our consultants will work with you closely, and control and monitor the progress of implementation project on behalf of you to ensure the project can be completed on time and within budget with quality assurance.

Product Installation

No matter if it is a new installation or an upgrade, our Certified Consultants will get your business software installed properly on your computer system. This service may include the following, but not limited to create test, development and production databases, and installation of database, server and client application software.


In addition to our implementation and consulting services, we offer a full range of ACCPAC training aimed at transferring our knowledge to the client, so that the client can obtain the maximum value from the products. Classroom, on-site or group training is available to meet individual clients' needs.


Support / Outsource accounting services

We has the experience and the resources to provide you with a superior level of support, to keep your business running smoothly. We also provide a wide range of accounting services, including the review and support of financial audit records, the preparation of financial statements and accounting reports, the development of budgets, the design of accounting systems, the provision of advice on accounting matters, payroll services, tax return preparation and management consulting.

Data conversions

We provide data conversion services to customers who wish to convert data from an existing system to their current business system.

Report writing

Our report writing services include forms design, financial report writing, ad-hoc analysis, Crystal and Brio.

Data Protection and Recovery Service

This service aims to protect a client's business package from unexpected data loss to ensure data integrity. In case of data loss, our consultants can assist clients to recover their data wherever possible.